The Plane Guy IA
"Whenever I talk to George, I make money"
John in Florida (Aircraft Broker)
"Without George's help I couldn't afford to fly my plane"
Dave in California (AC Owner/Pilot)
"Although I no longer live in George's area of operation, I contact him whenever anything substantial needs to be done on my plane. I always get an “expert” second opinion"
Ted in Vermont (AC Owner/Pilot)
"George Lee is painstakingly thorough and one of the most engaging men I know. A few years ago when I taught logistics at the California Maritime Academy I routinely invited George to speak to my class about aircraft maintenance. He regaled the students with anecdotes from his time as a pilot, as well as an FAA-certified inspector. His presentations were popular, knowledgeable and challenging. I believe the same qualities that George manifested in his interactions with my students carry over into his professional pursuits. I don’t think you can find a better man for the job!"
Larry Howard, PhD