The Plane Guy IA

So you have finally decided to buy that Airplane!

Unfortunately, many aircraft buyers approach acquiring an aircraft in the same manner as purchasing an auto or even a boat; sometimes mislead by the ‘glitter-factor’ while not fully taking into account the actual intended application and associated maintenance costs.

There are aircraft that land on a runway, off a runway, water, snow – not to mention STOL and vertical landing aircraft. Then there are the performance and maintenance parameters that can make or break your use and satisfaction with the aircraft that you have chosen. If everyone thought this out properly, there would not be so many aircraft owners looking to trade into something else.

This is where an experienced professional can guide you down the proper path insuring that you choose the right aircraft suitable to your needs while not breaking the bank in the process – either upfront or downstream. Be forewarned that mistakes in this process can incur serious financial impacts.

With the above in mind, I am often engaged to help potential aircraft buyers, both in the US and around the world in the selection, location, negotiation, modification, delivery, and crew training in the aircraft that is, ‘appropriate to their intended use.’

For my International Aircraft Purchasers, do you realize that almost 90% of the worldwide supply of general aviation aircraft are available in the US and North America – where you must have the ability to successfully navigate in this market to find the best aircraft selection and at the best price.

Each and every purchase whether domestic or foreign is unique. Over the years, I have purchased upwards of one hundred aircraft for my clients, from Piper Cubs through corporate jets and even helicopters – where no two acquisitions were ever the same.

I perform this service several times a year for both domestic and foreign clients. I can provide comprehensive services or selective services that a client may be unable or unwilling to accomplish themselves. Typical process flow:

  1. Interview and identification (or validation) of the right aircraft solution
  2. Assessment of the current market availability (candidates identified)
  3. On-site inspections and further analysis (finalists selected)
  4. Aircraft chosen – commence purchase negotiation
  5. Closing; buyer or representative present (optional)
  6. Required and optional maintenance performed
  7. Optional upgrades installed or applied
  8. Delivery service coordination – domestic or foreign

Keep in mind that attempting to accomplish this process properly is a long road with many potential legal, practical and operational barriers.

I have successful guided new aircraft purchasers from across the US to around the world, where my clients fly away well protected and very satisfied with their aircraft acquisition experience.

I encourage you to not take this potentially costly and dangerous journey alone, ‘hoping’ for a positive outcome. Rather, engage a career professional that brings over 45 years of aircraft acquisition, flight, and maintenance experience to bear – insuring you obtain the right aircraft solution for your needs and at the best possible price.