The Plane Guy IA

"Like the weather, if not, wait a while and it will change!"

Those of us who have been involved in Aviation for many years have seen more than a few changes. Do you realize that there are about half as many FBOs as there were in the 70’s with roughly a third fewer GA aircraft than there were then! Fewer people are learning to fly as well.
There are many pieces that make up this puzzle, but ultimately it comes down to cost. When I came into Aviation in the 60’s one could own and enjoy a GA Aircraft for about the same cost as owning an additional car. While the cost of owning both has certainly risen, the cost of an airplane has way outpaced that of a car and for better or worse, the technology of the airplane has simply not kept pace. While most of those 60’s thru 80’s aircraft are still with us (most of the cars are not) they are largely either poorly maintained or under maintained. This is in large part because the owners of these fine aircraft simply cannot afford the cost of basic parts and quality maintenance.
This is where an experienced, knowledgeable professional can help you fly safely, legally and comfortably. I encourage you to browse my site with an eye to making your aircraft ownership more enjoyable and affordable.
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